• In this category the judges will consider both the idea and the technique. 
  • Charity Entries are eligible in all sub-categories
  • Work entered into I.22 cannot be entered into any other Design sub-category  
  • I.01 Annual Reports and Prospectus
    I.02 Brochure and Catelogue 
    I.03 Poster Design, Individual
    I/04 Poster Design, Campaign
    I.05 Packaging, Individual
    I.06 Packaging, Range
    I.07 Sustainable Packaging Design
    I.08 Integrated Design 
      cross medium solution. Needs to cover at least 2 mediums. e.g. interactive and print.
    I.09 Entertainment Design - Music/Art/Sport 
    I.10 Large Identity and Application (Above $50,000) 
    I.11 Medium Identity and Application ($20,000 - $50,000)
    I.12 Small Identity and Application (less than $20,000)
    I.13 Environmental Design 
    I.14 Product Design 
    I.15 Publication Design - includes Magazines, Newspapers and Books
    I.16 Innovative Typography, Individual 
    I.17 Innovative Typography, Campaign 
    I.18 Online Publication
    I.19 Design for Film and Television - Movie Titles, Opening Titles, Station Id etc. 
    I.20 Writing for Design 
    I.21 Logos
    I.22 Point of Sale
    I.23 Weird and Wonderful - doesn't belong in any other category